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Mergers, Acquisition and Valuation

Business, Assets and Securities Valuation

  1. Business Valuation
  2. Family Business Division and Succession Planning
  3. Asset Valuation
  4. ESOP Valuation
  5. Valuation for regulatory Reporting

Merger and Acquisition

  1. Merger & Amalgamation
  2. Demerger & Hive offs
  3. Slump sale
  4. ESOP Management
  5. Deal Negotiation
  6. Sick Company Revival

To maintain market share and for sustainable growth, merger, acquisition and take over can be the route to retain the position and growth. We provide total solution including identifying suitable project, and company, negotiation with 3rd parties, due diligence, drafting & weighing of the legal documents, and guiding and assisting in regulatory compliance.

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