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Insolvency Professional

Market is merciless, market rule is like law of jungle, i.e. "Survival of the fittest" week and inefficient organization will be weed out.

If an organization is not viable and is likely to a perennially sick unit, best course is to allow it to die a natural death. Kept alive by artificial means is never a happy sight.

The vision of the code is to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation. Some business ventures will always fail, but they will be handled rapidly and swiftly. Entrepreneurs and lenders will be able to move on instead of being bogged down with decision taken in the past.

The Object of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code is for maximization of value of assets, in a time bound manner to protect the interest of all stakeholders.

We render following services

  1. Insolvency Professionals as IRP/RP and Liquidators.
  2. Drafting of the Petitions, application and other legal documents
  3. Appearance before NCLT/ NCLAT
  4. Advisory services
  5. Valuation of the current assets
  6. Forensic Audit, etc
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